Romantic Rain

Literature Desk
9 October 2020, Fri
Published: 01:24

Romantic Rain

It is raining today
I wish, by me you would stay
You would warm me down with your heat
I could lie on you, listening to your heart beat.

Each rain drop reminds me
That I miss so many precious moments without you
But still my hopes never fade
And I believe my dreams will seem day come time.

Every time I feel cold,
I wish a blanket, on me you will fold.
When I look at the sky
Unfortunately by me you don't stand
I kneel down crying in the rain
Because no one can see my tears and pain.

Then I console myself with this felling
That we both are under the same ceiling.

When I see a lovely lane,
Wet with the shower of rain
I'd wish with you to take a walk
Really slow with our hands locked.

The smell of the flooding rain
A promising beauty adding to nature again.

Above all who will want to miss
In the pouring rain a warm kiss
I wish and do believe I will get
Sunday, seem time the dreams that I set
Because I know that my love is time.
I do hope you understand it too.
                      by Sneha Celine