Literature Desk
15 October 2020, Thu
Published: 09:22


The light was there but I was blind
The image never leaves my mind.

You sat there and laughed while I laid there and cried,
You smiled and laughed while I frowned and died.

Your force was too strong for my innocent no
You were all hyped up and ready for a show.

Why did I have to be the doll in your stupid little game,
You're the reason why I hide in shame.

When I got home I cried for days
Stupid enough to trust your ways.

I'm up all night crying myself to sleep
My innocence was no longer mine to keep.

I dream of you at night ya know
knowing how much you enjoyed the show.

Your friends were there and they didn't hear
Your friends are people I also fear.

I said no and stop but nobody saved me
I cried and pleaded but my voice was missing.

But don't worry not all the joy wasn't just by you
More pain came by another two.

I wish I would've been smarter
and listened to my dying heart
I've added up the pain
The life I had is drained
There's nothing left for me to gain.

3 of y'all have permanently damaged my brain
You all wanted to play and you all wanted to touch
But saying no just wasn't a fucking enough.

You're the only one who beat the game
The one who left me with the most shame
The one who caused my depression
The one who stole my possessions
All I do now is hidden in my room and cry.

They ask what's wrong I say a headache such an easy lie
But the truth is I'd honestly rather die
              by Becca