Al Mahmud in the bed of sleep forever

staff correspondent
17 February 2019, Sun
Published: 07:29 Updated: 02:34

Al Mahmud in the bed of sleep forever

The Janaja (Funeral Ceremony) of Poet AL Mahamud has been held in the Niaz Muhammad High School field of Brahmmanbaria district.

Sunday (February 17) after the prayer of Johar the Namaje Janaja was held. The Janaja was chaired by Moulana Ashek Ullah Bhuiyan.

After Janaja thousands people of different sectors expressed their floral tribute for the last to the famous poet.

After Janaja the dead body of the famous poet has been buried in family graveyard of the Poet.

On Friday (February 15) in 11:05 pm he was died in the IBNE SINA HOSPITAL of Dhanmondi of the capital. During death his age was 82 years.

His real name is Mir Abdul Shukur Al Mahmud. He was born in 11 July of 1936 in the Village of Morail in the district of Brahmanbaria.

On February 8 he was admitted in the hospital & on February 9 he was transferred to the CCU. In the night his condition was failing so he transferred to the ICU from there. He was under care of Neurology Specialist Doc. Abdul Hai. On February 15 he was died.

Among the two brothers & three sisters he was elder. He is popular in the name of Piaru Mia to the local residents.