Mother earth

Literature Desk
7 November 2019, Thu
Published: 03:47

Mother earth

To our dear mother earth,
who gave to all of us birth:
your fever we want to cure.
Will we succeed? Not so sure!

Some of our sisters and brothers
seem not to care for any others.
Apparently blinded by money and wealth,
they seem not worried about your health.

When pushed on the topic of your fever,
they will make any kind of endeavor
to deny it and claim nothing is wrong;
a lack of emotion, their greed much too strong.

I still hope, our dear mother earth,
holding all treasures of incredible worth,
that we will find people in numbers enough
to treat your disease with utmost caring love.

Let us work all together to find a solution,
stop all the waste and unnecessary pollution,
reduce carbon emission, preserve our trees,
keep clean our earth, our oceans and seas.

Now is the time to move and act.
The disease of our mother is a certain fact
No man with a bit of intellect, a bit of a brain
can be allowed to ignore your fever again.