27,000 sacrificial animals sold online ahead of Eid

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1 August 2020, Sat
Published: 08:58 Updated: 01:51

27,000 sacrificial animals sold online ahead of Eid

A total of 27,000 sacrificial animals have been sold online across the country. The information was revealed through a joint online press conference of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh.

The press conference was arranged to inform the media about the sale of sacrificial animals through the online platform ‘Digital Haat www.digitalhaat.net’.

According to the information given by DNCC and E-cab Association, the number of animals sold by DigitalHaat, merchant connected to DigitalHaat,  E-Cab members is 6,800 while the district-based government platforms sold 5,500 animals, in Narsingdi, 516 animals were  sold while Bangladesh Dairy Farm Association companies sold 9,500 animals.

Besides, 500 sacrificial animals have been sold by different online platforms while government-owned platform ‘Food for Nation’ have sold 4000 animals till today.

Biplab Rahul, CEO of delivery partner, E-courier, said to media they will send the meat of sacrificial animals within two hours of the slaughtering process using icebox.