Gold prices go up again in market

Staff Correspondent
27 August 2019, Tue
Published: 11:25 Updated: 01:30

Gold prices go up again in market

The prices of gold in the market have increased again by Tk 1,166 per bhari. Bangladesh Jewellers’ Samity adjusted gold prices for the fourth time this month citing price hike in international market.  

The new prices will come into effect from Tuesday (August 27).

After the latest hike, the price of one bhari of 22-carat gold stands at Tk 58,028 while 21-carat gold price at Tk 55,695, 18-carat gold at Tk 50,680 and traditional gold at Tk 30,326 per bhari. 

Bangladesh Jewellers’ Samity (BAJUS) announced the price hike in a statement on Monday night. 

The price of silver, however, remained unchanged at Tk 1,050 while platinum has been set at Tk 64,152 per bhari. 

Earlier, BAJUS increased the prices of gold by Tk 1,167 per bhari.