Onion import begins from Myanmar-Turkey-Egypt

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23 September 2019, Mon
Published: 08:59

Onion import begins from Myanmar-Turkey-Egypt

Commerce secretary Md Zafar Uddin on Monday said that Bangladesh has begun importing onions from Myanmar, Turkey, and Egypt as India have set Minimum Export Price (MEP) of per metric ton onion. 

He said the media that during a meeting on market rate with onion importers, wholesale and retail traders in the conference room of the Ministry of Commerce at the Secretariat on September 23 .

Zafar Uddin told that a significant amount of onion is being imported daily from Myanmar. Besides, LC has been opened to import huge onions from Egypt and Turkey. These will arrive in Bangladesh within a few days. Besides, new onions from India are coming to the market soon, and domestic onion supply has also increased in local markets. To keep supply and prices normal, onion importers and traders have to conduct business with morality. 

He said that there is no reason for consumers to panic, prices are falling fast.