Low-quality products, 7 companies' license canceled

Staff Correspondent
16 May 2019, Thu
Published: 11:56 Updated: 12:29

Low-quality products, 7 companies' license canceled

7 licenses have been canceled as identified low quality among the 52 consumer products.

National Standards Regulatory Agency BSTI announced their cancellation of license on Wednesday (May 15th).

A press release from BSTI informed that 18 products are posponded to produce along with cancellation of the licence.

License cancelled companies cannot be manufactured, stocked or marketed for products. And the non licensed products must be upgraded to a new license.

The non licensed companies include Al Safi Drinking Water, Shahari and Brothers' narjan drinking water, morn dew pure drinking water, R & D drinking water, Shanti Food Products Testing in Keraniganj, Tani and Tasquia and Jahangir Food Products of Kamrangicher Priya Brand Soft Drink Powder And Banalata suites and bakeri of Mirpur, Banalata brand butter.

Non licensed products include: City Oil Mills - Gazipur (arrow), Green Blissing Vegetable Oil - Narayanganj (GB), Shabnam Vegetable Oil - Narayanganj (Nutrition), Bangladesh Edible Oil - Narayanganj (Rupchandha); Among the sweet water, Arra Food and Beverage (Arra), Duncan Products (Duncan), Dighi Drinking Water (Dighi); Pran Agro Limited's life brand Lachcha Semai; Danish, Pran and Fresh. Among the cranberry juice, Powder and soul; Among the iodized salt, ACI and Mullah Salt; ACI Pure in coriander, New Zealand Dairy Noodles and the Kasem Food’s Sun brand among the chips.

BSTI has ordered the withdrawal of these goods from the market within 48 hours of publication of the notification.