Speed of Internet may be slow again

Staff Correspondent
16 May 2019, Thu
Published: 02:42 Updated: 02:48

Speed of Internet may be slow again

Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited (BSCCL) said that internet speed could slow down. They said that this problem could be caused by the repairing of the country's first submarine cable (C-Mi-WI-4).

BSCCL said this in a press release on Wednesday (May 8th).

It has been stated in the circular that the work of establishing a 3-number repiter for the submarine cable (C-Mi-WI-4) in Cox's Bazar landing station was in progress. The work was stopped due to a cyclonic storm. As the situation is normal, the work is being started again from Wednesday. In this, the terminated circuits of Cox's Bazar landing station will remain closed for the next six to seven days. As a result, internet speed can be reduced in the country.

Earlier, the speed of the internet was reduced in a few phases.