'Ban animal, meat imports from India, Myanmar'

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11 July 2020, Sat
Published: 08:20

'Ban animal, meat imports from India, Myanmar'

Meat traders on Saturday placed a five-point demand including banning the imports of cattle, buffalo, and meat from India and Myanmar for the sake of domestic animal husbandry.

Bangladesh Meat Traders Association (BMTA) and Dhaka Metropolitan Meat Merchant Association (DMMMA) jointly organized the program in the capital.

Their other demands include-- stopping extra charges collection at Gabtali cattle market, stopping oppression by leaseholders and reducing the rent; completing waste and water treatment plant CETP soon as these are main obstacle for the leather industry’s development and export; training for meat workers helping meat traders association for the sake of good export earnings; and fixing rate of the raw hides of the sacrifices, according to UNB reports.

BMTA President Farid Ahmed said India and Myanmar earned around Tk 60,000 crore every year by cattle smuggling.   

He said that Bangladesh can earn around Tk 80,000 to export flesh, bones, horns, veins, belly, hides fulfilling the country’s demands if Char and hilly areas can be brought under animal husbandry. So the country's farmers should be given more agricultural loans.

Farid Ahmed also said that added they can sell a kg meat at Tk300 if the government and rich people gift cows, buffaloes, goats and lambs from their Jakat funds to poor farmers, widows, and unemployed youths.