‘One needs strong spiritual core to recognise 'intoxicating' effects of showbiz’

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16 September 2020, Wed
Published: 01:29 Updated: 01:33

‘One needs strong spiritual core to recognise 'intoxicating' effects of showbiz’

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut's Twitter timeline is extremely busy. It is constantly being updated with the actor's take on the film industry and its members, her verbal spats with various celebrities as well as an expression of various aspects of her own personality. 

In a tweet posted early on Wednesday, the actress spoke about her spiritual strength and how it helps her keep away from the 'bubble' of the glamour world.

Kangana shared a photo of her applying lipstick and talked about the make-believe world of movies and showbiz. "Show business is absolutely intoxicating, this make-believe world of lights and camera is designed to make one live and believe in an alternate reality, a little bubble of their own, it takes a very strong spiritual core to recognize this delusion," she posted.

Ever since she took over the Twitter handle that was previously handled by her team, the 'Fashion' actress has been sharing her thoughts and opinions directly with her followers. A day back, she posted another photo from a shoot, and said, "A woman's compassion and gentleness are often taken for her weakness, never push someone to a point where they have nothing to loose anymore, you only give them a freedom not many know, such people don't only become dangerous but lethal as well Slightly smiling face."

The Manikarnika actress has had some eventful days recently, with her crusade against alleged nepotism and drug menace in Bollywood escalating to levels of a spat with political parties and personalities. Her comments against the Hindi film industry and the city of Mumbai has been slammed by a number of people.