Gehana gets over 10,000 applications on ad for post of 'Husband'

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10 January 2021, Sun
Published: 08:18

Gehana gets over 10,000 applications on ad for post of 'Husband'

Indian tv actress and model Gehana Vasisth who put out an advertisement on social media advertising or calling for a suitable candidate for the post of 'husband' has got over 10,000 applications in about 24 hours.

We spoke to Gehana about her advertisement, and she said: 'Yes I had put out an advertisement for the post of “husband” two days ago. I want to get married soon and I am looking for a suitable groom. I want someone to love me very much and care for me.'

Speaking about the 10,000 plus entries, Gehana explained: There were more than 10,000 applications. About 40 percent of these applicants are from abroad or currently living abroad. 

Some guys have sent me the contact numbers of their parents and even wanted their parents to speak to me or my family members for the ‘rishta‘. Others said they were ready to do anything and everything to win my hand in marriage.

According to Gehana one suitor messaged her saying he was ready to transfer his Rs 100 crore property in her name if she married him. 

Another Delhi-based guy said he would gift me his BMW sports car if I agreed to be with him.

There were many funny messages too. One candidate said if I married him, he would quit smoking. 

Another one said if I agreed to be his wife, he would stop eating non-veg food and yet another said if we were to get married, he would stop riding his bike recklessly as he wanted to live long and care for me, Gehana told this reporter.

There were thousands of messages. Suitors have been bombing me with messages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even sending SMS and WhatsApp messages. 

Even my PR got about 500 messages requesting him to speak to me on their behalf, she added.

I thank all those who have responded to the ad. I will go through all the applications and get back to them after I have shortlisted 100 candidates who top the list and meet my criteria. 

Then we will start Skype interviews and then face-to-face meetings. My management and PR and handling all the enquiries, Gehana explained, adding that they are doing all the short-listing, but the final decision will be mine. -