Bobita, Champa in bizarre situation with Facebook

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8 September 2019, Sun
Published: 02:35

Bobita, Champa in bizarre situation with Facebook

Babita and Champa are popular actors of the golden age of Bengali film. Although they are not regular through social media, they are always connected with the fans. But now the two-year-old actress is in great danger.

The celebrated actresses are facing some unwanted situation for Facebook as a group of frauds is committing crimes like extortion in the name of these two celebrity sisters.

It is unknown to them whoever had created Facebook IDs using their names which are making them very disturbed and irritated.

Two sisters, Babita and Champa, told the media about this uncomfortable experience.

Babita told, 'I have never used Facebook. But sometimes I have to listen on some occasions, you are my Facebook friend. The conversation with you on Messenger messed up that day! Not only that, I was asking for money from someone while I was out of the country. Didn't notice the beginning, Now it looks very scary.

Champa said, the matter would be dealt with legally within a few days. Who or who is demanding money from Champa's Facebook ID. The cellphone confirmed that the acquaintances could not believe it. Only then can you know that the incident is fake.