Sreeleka posts different 'nude content' for fans (video)

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17 September 2019, Tue
Published: 09:24 Updated: 10:08

Sreeleka posts different 'nude content' for fans (video)

Day by day Social media has become a tool of satire. In particular, the stars face different comments every day. Sreeleka Mitra, the Bengali film actress in Kolkata is no exception. 

Sreeleka Mitra recently opened his own YouTube channel. Video posting.

Many people started to come out to see nude videos. One such person would like to see a video with & # 39; naked content & # 39; on her YouTube channel with actress Srilaka Mitra.

As shown in the video, Sreeleka Mitra appeared in a full-blown joke after the sari. Then the netizens began to read the comments on the cellphone. Or hear the Sri Lankan voice saying, 'You've made a very good comment. Everybody's got very good words. Congratulations. I'm happy too. ”

& # 39; But a friend, he said, would you have naked content? After I subscribe, 'Srilekha added.

Then, pointing to the heat, Srilekha said, "Really?" Then one opened the sari. 

The fan said, "Do you like nude content? Nude." Then he said, "Let us give you naked content today. "

Take Sreeleka to a place where other idols have been erected along with Durga. Show those scenes. A woman, who makes those idols, introduced her. 

Actress Sreeleka has also added special advice from psychologists in response to the human psyche.