Late hero Salman Shah’s birthday today

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19 September 2019, Thu
Published: 09:17 Updated: 10:15

Late hero Salman Shah’s birthday today

Today is the 48th birth anniversary of the late iconic hero Salman Shah. He had been and still is a shining star in the sky of the country’s film industry. 

He was Born on September 19, 1971, Shahriar Chowdhury Emon (the screen name Salman Shah) gifted his fans with 27 films and few TV plays and commercials. Today is the birthday of this iconic actor who was soon lost under a dark cloud. On September 6, 1996, the film industry and fans alike were shocked by Salman’s untimely demise.

Making his first appearance on the silver screen with the film ‘Keyamat Thekey Keyamat’, he entered into the Bangladesh film industry and changed the typical image of a Bangladeshi hero.

Salman Shah was the first son of Kamaruddin Chowdhury and Neela Chowdhury. His younger brother is Shaharan Evan Chowdhury.

He is recognized as a star who changed the typical image of a Bangladeshi film actor. In the early 1990s, when the country’s film industry remained stagnant, Salman Shah took the film industry by storm with his spirited performance and irresistible charm. The ailing film industry witnessed a real romantic hero and welcomed a new era in the romantic film genre with his appearance. Soon he turned into a heartthrob of the young moviegoers.

He secured a strong foothold with the film “Keyamat Thekey Keyamat”, and followed it by “Shopner Thikana”, “Tumi Amar”, “Priyojon”, “Konyadan”, “Swapner Nayok”, “Swapner Purush”, “Ei Ghar Ei Shongshar”, “Sujan Sokhi”, “Swapner Prithibi” and several other smash hits.