Subhashree on her winsome act in ‘Parineeta’

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20 September 2019, Fri
Published: 11:13

Subhashree on her winsome act in ‘Parineeta’

Subhashree Ganguly has received rave reviews for her stupendous performance as Mehul in her husband Raj Chakraborty’s latest directorial ‘Parineeta’. In this romance-mystery-drama she plays a class XII student who falls for her teacher Babaida and Shubhashree is thrilled to see Mehul’s journey has inspired many people in real life.
“It’s wonderful to see people are appreciating. 

There were so many challenges. But it was important to focus on the perception battle – I can act my heart out, I can slip into a character with ease. That’s what happened in ‘Parineeta’. The words of praise coming my way are great. I am happy to see Mehul has become very close to everyone. Many have said there were completely immersed into the world of Mehul and Babaida. They got emotional, deeply attached and was anxious what will happen to Mehul. 

I still remember after the special screening of the film, one lady in her 60s started crying. She said she can see Mehul in front of her. Another woman in her 40s was shaking. It feels so humble that I can also touch people’s lives with my performance,” said the pretty actress who will next be seen in another Raj Chakraborty film. Titled ‘Dharmoyuddha’, it’s a political thriller which again stars Ritwick Chakraborty opposite her. ETimes