Raj and Subhashree take a much-deserved break to Kenya

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10 October 2019, Thu
Published: 10:47

Raj and Subhashree take a much-deserved break to Kenya

Raj Chakrabarty has gone on a vacation for a week to the Maasai Mara in Kenya with his wife, Subhashree Ganguly.

“We are going to Nairobi now and the place is beautiful. So is the weather. We had a hectic time before Puja shooting for Dharama Yuddha. Then during Puja, we were busy celebrating with family and friends. Hour-long addas and eating were all we did during the five days of Puja. And this trip is my gift to Subhashree as she has done exceptionally well in Parineeta,” said Raj, on his way to Nairobi.

In Parnieeta, Subhashree plays a girl who is madly in love with her tutor, played by Ritwick Chakraborty. But the teacher treats her strictly as a student. One day, the teacher commits suicide and the story takes a turn from there. “I am so happy that the audience appreciated Subhashree’s acting so much. She proved that commercial heroines too can act with the right script and direction. 

It was her dream to go to Kenya, so I organised it for her,” said Raj. He added, “I gifted her five saris for Puja which she wore on each day of the festival. My mother too gifted her saris. Actually, she is the pampered girl of our house,”

Raj, who is an integral part of the upcoming Kolkata International Film Festival, watched at least 35 films from all across the country. “I watched so many films during the five days of the Puja. After I am back from my trip, I will be busy with KIFF and the dubbing of Dharama Yuddha. I am happy with the way we shot the film. It deals with the socio-political incidents that happen around us,” said the director. ETimes