Moushumi assaulted at BFDC, Danny apologizes

Entertainment Desk
15 October 2019, Tue
Published: 11:15

Moushumi assaulted at BFDC, Danny apologizes

Imminent the bi-annual election of the Bangladesh Film Artists Association is due on October 25. This time, Moushumi is competing against Misa Sawdagar in president post. 

It is reported that Mousumi was assaulted by villain-actor Danny Raj on Monday evening when she entered the BFDC’s Artists Association. Tensions are centered around the incident at the BFDC. 
Witnesses said some Mohila League leaders-activists came to the Artist Association to greet Mousumi in the evening. During this, there was a scuffle with Danny Raj when entering the Artist Association.  

At one point it was alleged that he pushed Moushumi. Later, a tension was arisen centering on the incident. Misa Sawdagar, Joy and many others were present in the spot. 

Later, the Chief Election Commissioner Ilias Kanchan immediately discussed with the Producers Association president Khorshed Alam Khasru, Artists Association president Misa Sawdagar and general secretary Zayed Khan. There, it is reported that Danny Raj apologized for what he did.  

The draft list for the upcoming 2019-21 election for the Artist Association was published on October 5. According to the list, it is learned that actress Moushumi and Misa Sawdagar is contesting for president where Jayed Khan and Elias Kobra is contesting for general secretary post.