Siddik has relations with multiple girls, claim wife Mim

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17 October 2019, Thu
Published: 11:38

Siddik has relations with multiple girls, claim wife Mim

Maria Mim told media the decision to divorce Siddikur Rahman Siddik for not to allow her in the showbiz world. A day after this, Siddik’s wife Mim made a new complaint. She claims that “Siddik has relations with multiple women. Moreover, he did not give his wife time.”

In an interview with a media on Wednesday, Maria Mim also accused Siddik of beating her. In her complaint, Siddik used to take away her mobile phone after being beaten so that she could contact her relatives.

He has relations with multiple girls. I have proof. He is out all night. How long is the drama shooting? Why is he out at night? If he is so much busy, then why he needs a wife?, said Mim. 

When asking her regarding two words in two days, Siddik’s wife Mim replied, “In fact, I did not want to open my mouth. I didn't want to say these things. Now I have to tell you. Because I don’t want to be with him anymore.”

Referring to the allegations, Siddik said that Mim had earlier complained regarding divorce for not allowing her modeling. Then she didn’t complain my character. “Why she is doing this now? Why she want to do modeling after 8 years of marriage?”

“I am a man who likes to make people laugh, smile all the time and I want to be that man,” Siddik added. 

On May 24, 2012, Maria Mim, a Spanish citizen of Bangladeshi origin and actor Siddik got married. They have a son who was born on June 25, 2013.