Ex-Miss Ireland comments on Fahmi-Mithila’s relationship

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6 November 2019, Wed
Published: 08:32 Updated: 08:34

Ex-Miss Ireland comments on Fahmi-Mithila’s relationship

Country's social media is up roaring with the leaded photos and a video chat of intimate moments of actress Mithila with director and producer Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi. 

Many people including media stars expressed mixed feelings over the leaked photos where some even trolling them. Again many people saying the issue is ‘unfair’ — because it is a crime to spread one’s personal photos without consent. Likewise, Former Miss Ireland Maksuda Akhter Prioty did not take the matter well. 

She wrote on Facebook, “Kissed the boyfriend in love, but the head on the boyfriend’s chest, so what! If someone is a public figure or popular, his/her personal moments or right to love should disappear? Do they have to become funicular Inhumans/robots according to your customized? As all you are innocent! In fact, everyone wants to love, wants to be absorbed in love. Got it? If you understand, then good, and if not ...”

Meanwhile, another actress Sadia Jahan Prova commented on such photos and posted a status on her Facebook — where she wrote, “Sharing or posting photos of someone’s private moment, ethically you have no right. Make a radical change of distorted mentality....”.

Earlier on Monday, some intimate photos of Mithila-Fahmi released from a Facebook group called ‘Tech Binodon’, then the photos went viral from there.

Later, a status was posted from a Facebook page named ‘Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi’ — “Yes  Mithila and I have been in an extramarital affair. Not once but many times. And there is nothing fun about it. We two are ‘Just Friends’.”

However, it could not be confirmed whether it was Fahmi’s own Facebook page. When contacted, Mithila said, “They are not unusual photos.”