'No more acting, I will follow the path of Islam'

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10 December 2019, Tue
Published: 12:00

'No more acting, I will follow the path of Islam'

One time popular actress Pushpita Pappy has left the cinema and is now on her way to Islam. She won to forget her past life and she is now praying regularly.

Next Friday her last movie 'Garment Shramik Zindabad' is being released. And it was as if the former actress had survived.

Papy said that I don't want to stand in front of the camera anymore. However, it feels good that my last movie starring is being released. Well, the reason is that after this, the viewers will not see me in any new films.

'I don't want to work in films anymore. I want to live with prayers and fasting now. I want to walk the path of religion, she added

She is currently working at a travel agency after her departure from the acting world.

In this regard, she said, I am working at a travel agency to earn a living. May everyone pray, that I may walk in the way of Allah till the last day of my life. May Allah forgive all my sins.

Director Mostafizur Rahman made by Garment Workers Zindabad. Kazi Maruf starring opposite Pushpita Poppy in the film. Producer Kazi Hayat wrote the story and dialogue of the film.

Pushpita Poppy has completed three movies - 'Thokar', 'Prem Hothi Pare' and 'Phagun er Agun'.

She is the first film seen 2014 film 'Aage Jodi Jantam Tui Hobi Por'. And the last released image is 'Dhusor Kuwasha'.