Stars need to have a good balance of movies: Rani Mukerji

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15 December 2019, Sun
Published: 09:14

Stars need to have a good balance of movies: Rani Mukerji

Bollywood popular actress Rani Mukerji's recent release 'Mardaani 2' opened on Friday. Rani Mukerji believes an artist needs to have a "good balance" of films to achieve creative satisfaction and be socially responsible. 

The actor, whose latest release "Mardaani 2" revolves around rape cases committed by juveniles in India, said she has always been aware of the projects she takes up.

Rani told PTI, "If you get love, respect, and adulation from your country, somewhere down the line you become responsible. But again, there is a thin line between being responsible and also satisfying your creative juices."

She also said sometimes actors can face dilemma between choosing to play a certain character on screen and making films with a social message.

"Sometimes you would want to play a negative character to see that side of yourself, to see if you can pull off that character. That might not be a socially silver lining film for your career.'' She added.

she said, "It would just be something you want to do. As an actor, if there is a good balance, it's a great thing and I have been able to achieve that throughout my career. I have done all kinds of films."