I really like Tahsan very much: Srijit

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15 February 2020, Sat
Published: 02:22

I really like Tahsan very much: Srijit

Rafiath Rashid Mithila was first married to actor and singer Tahsan in 2006. But they were divorced in 2017. Last year, Mithila has married again with eminent Tollywood filmmaker Srijit Mukherji.

But in the new lives of Srijit-Mithila, the name of Tahsan is still existing though Srijit does not embarrass about it.

He is praised by popular musician and actor Tahsan while in an interview at a hotel in Dhaka recently he said that he likes Tahsan very much.

The popular director of Tollywood said, "Tahsan is actually a much better creative person than I am. He sings well, plays piano well as acting in dramas, films are outstanding. Definitely, I am so lucky that such a comparison has risen and Tahsan has also replied it.”

'I must say that Tahsan is a gentle gentleman, I had a talk with him. This was the day we met Tahsan when he came to hang out with Ayra (daughter of Tahsan-Mithila). I felt so pleasant as well as we discussed a lot”, Srijit said.

Mr. Srijit also said that Ayra is the symbol of Mithila and Tahsan being good people. I do not know whether the people of Bangladesh will understand this relationship or not. But I really like Tahsan very much. Srijit-Mithila do not want to keep Ayra under Broken family's troubles. Srijit thinks Mithila’s daughter as his own child.