Ganguya is struggling with death

Entertainment Reporter

13 July 2019, Sat
Published: 03:32 Updated: 03:34

Ganguya is struggling with death

Ganguya, the horrific person in the rupali screen is battling with death. He was rushed to Burdem Hospital in the capital on Thursday night after a sudden stroke. When the physical condition deteriorated, he was taken to Ibn Sina Hospital.

After taking him to the Intensive Care Center (ICU), he was taken to CCU at noon yesterday.

Farzana Poppy, the daughter of the Ganguya, said, ‘my father is now taken to CCU. Eyes swollen due to high pressure. Besides, his heart condition is also very bad. Now nothing is actually going to say anything. Everybody will pray for my father.’

He further said, ‘The doctors are watching. There is no change in my father's condition yet. Doctors said they will be kept under observation for two more days. Then he will be transferred to the cabin. Then he will know about how much his condition will change.’

In fact, for about 41 years, the villain Ganguya is acting in the film. Although he is known as Ganguya, his real name is Mohammad Parvez. The name of this Ganguya was kept by the filmmaker Jasim. Ganguly came to the film with Jasim's hand He has worked in almost 700-800 movies.