Seven luminaries to be awarded ‘Shilpakala Padak 2018’

Entertainment desk

17 July 2019, Wed
Published: 11:19 Updated: 03:05

Seven luminaries to be awarded ‘Shilpakala Padak 2018’

Bangladesh Shipakala Academy (BSA) on Thursday awarded Shilpakala Padak-2018 to seven for their contribution in the field of various cultural arena.

This year, the 'Shilpakala Padak 2018' is being given to seven talented artists for their contribution in various fields of culture. They are Gaur Gopal Haldar, Sunil Chandra Das, Md. Hamid, Mina Barua, Alkesh Ghosh, Shulka Sarkar and Jayanta Chattopadhyay.

Among them, Gaur Chandra Haldar was composed by music, Sunil Chandra Das was instrumental in music. In Hamid's drama, Mina Barua is being given the Arts Medal in Lok culture, Alkaesh Ghosh is in the arts, the Shulka government in dance and Jyanta Chattopadhyay.

 On Tuesday (July 16), Director General of the Academy Liaquat Ali Lucky presented the details of 'Shilpala Medal 2018' at a press conference organized at the National Theater Seminar Room.

President Md Abdul Hamid will hand over the awards to the winners from the chief guest at a function organized at the National Theater Auditorium of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy on Thursday 18th July.