Popular band star Biplob now a taxi driver

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3 June 2020, Wed
Published: 11:40

Popular band star Biplob now a taxi driver

The popular musician Biplob was once shown everywhere including bands, mixed, solo albums, stage shows. But for the last few years, there is even no sign of him. 

It is learned that the artist is currently living with his family in Queens, New York, USA. There Biplob is now a taxi driver.  

“I came here three years ago and started working for American Airlines,” said Biplob. “After one year, I bought a car and started a taxi service.”

“I don’t hesitate to say because I’m not stealing,” he also said, adding, “I am serving people, taking money in return. I have had many great experiences since coming to the United States.” 

What we mean ‘foreign’ in the country, it is not like that in here, the musician added.

Taxi service is risky enough in this crisis of COVID-19. Biplob is also working with a local hospital. Informing the matter, the artist said, he has to go out almost every day for emergency work. “I am staying in a one-room house next to the house thinking about the safety of everyone in the family. I meet them daily by maintaining social distance.”

Although a void was created due to time, Biplob did not give up singing. Practice guitar regularly. Writing new songs. If the body-health is good, the rock artist wants to return to the music industry with everyone in the band.