Tennessee flooding death toll grows to 7

International Desk
30 March 2021, Tue
Published: 06:07

Tennessee flooding death toll grows to 7

After enduring widespread flooding, that killed seven people, knocked out power to thousands and damaged homes and businesses, Central Tennessee is bracing for more potentially devastating rainfall.

Over 2.5 million people across the region are under flood warnings through Thursday evening, according to CNN Meteorologist Michael Guy.

Nashville and most of Central Tennessee could receive one to two inches of rainfall, which will only exacerbate the ongoing flooding issues in the region's creeks and rivers, Guy said.

Nashville witnessed its second-highest ever two-day rainfall toll over the weekend. And while the water has started to recede in some areas, many already inundated rivers and creeks could flood again give the extra rainfall predicted.

"This forecast amount is usually manageable and little reason for concern," the National Weather Service Nashville said on Twitter Monday night. 

"However, with recent rainfall, 1-2 inches may cause runoff/localized flooding in flood-prone areas." Source: CNN