‘Foni’ enters into Bangladesh

Staff Correspondent
4 May 2019, Sat
Published: 11:34 Updated: 11:35

‘Foni’ enters into Bangladesh

‘After attacking Odrisha and West Bangle ‘Foni’ has already entered into Bangladesh,’ said the meteorological office.

Foni, one of the most powerful storms to come out of the Bay of Bengal in the past decade, has reportedly killed at least 08 people in India and 01 person in Bangladesh -- some hit by flying trees and lumps of concrete carried by ferocious winds.

Shamsuddin Ahmed director of the meteorology authority informed these all in a press release.  
Shamsuddin Ahmed informed that after devastate Odrisha and West Bangle in India Foni has already come into Feni, Chuwadanga, Rajbari, Manikgonj, Dhaka and Tangail but as it is in weakened.