Air Quality: Dhaka ranks 1st worst

Environment Desk
7 January 2020, Tue
Published: 05:12

Air Quality: Dhaka ranks 1st worst

Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka ranked first worst in Air Quality Index (AQI) on Tuesday (Jan 07).

The air quality of Dhaka was classified as very unhealthy as it had an AQI score of 246 at 1:30 am.

Pakistan’s Lahore was the second-worst city on the list with scores of 215. Besides, Shenyang of China, Kolkata and Delhi ranked third, fourth and fifth worst in the air quality index, according to airvisual.coman US based organisation.

When the AQI value is between 201 and 300, the entire population is likely to be affected. 

AQI tells how clean or polluted the air is, and what associated health effects might be a concern for public. The AQI focuses on health effects that one might experience within a few hours or days after breathing polluted air.