‘Bayu’ – The next Cyclone

Staff Correspondent
8 May 2019, Wed
Published: 01:09 Updated: 02:15

‘Bayu’ – The next Cyclone

The severe cyclone 'fani' caused in the deep of the Bay of Bengle has continued many panic-stricken to wreak havoc with Bangladesh and India. Though there is not a massive casualties, the 'Fani' used its energy over crops, plants and settlements.

There is a further cyclone in this month beyond recovering the disruption of the ‘Fani’. According to the Indian Meteorological Department, News Eighteen reported that this cyclone ‘Bayu’ can be created from May 26 to June 3 in the Bay of Bengal.

This new cyclone’s name is ‘Bayu’ (air)! The name of the ‘Fani’ was given by Bangladesh, but the name of the ‘Bayu’ (air) is given by India. However, where exactly the storm ‘Bayu’ will be affected, it is still unknown.

The regional committee of the World Meteorological Organization names each storm. For example: eight countries of this organization names after the Indian Ocean storms. The countries are: Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Oman. According to the proposals of these countries, a storm is named one after another  from a list.