Natural solutions boosted to help prevent floods

International Desk
14 July 2020, Tue
Published: 06:02

Natural solutions boosted to help prevent floods

A  new approach to combating floods in England, backing natural solutions with government cash, has been unveiled.

It includes funding for schemes such as creating sustainable drainage systems - and building hollows in the ground to catch flood water in heavy rain, before storing it to tackle summer droughts.

Insurers have also been asked to pay to improve flood-hit homes so they are more resilient.

The policy allowing building on plains liable to flood will be reviewed.

And £200,000 of the floods budget will be earmarked for measures including natural flood prevention to capture water on farmers' fields during heavy rainfall.

Critics say the schemes do not go far enough at a time of climate change.

Flooding was forced up the priority list after Prime Minister Boris Johnson was accused by flood victims of failing to take their plight seriously.

The government says the measures in the new plan are the most comprehensive in a decade, including the £5.2bn for flooding announced in the Budget four months ago.

It says the cash will help protect a third of a million properties in England up to 2027.

There will be money for innovative projects such as sustainable drainage systems to provide porous surfaces in new developments to prevent water run-off. Source: BBC