What is pulse oximeter, how does it help COVID-19 patient?

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28 July 2020, Tue
Published: 12:02 Updated: 12:03

What is pulse oximeter, how does it help COVID-19 patient?

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen people across the world stocking up on masks, sanitizers and personal protective equipment, anything that can give them an advantage over the novel coronavirus. 

As the disease spreads, the demand for a device called a pulse oximeter has spiked. So much so that tech companies are reportedly working on manufacturing smart watches with oximeters.

What is an oximeter?
A pulse oximeter is a device that helps in measuring the oxygen levels in the blood. Now that everyone knows that the novel coronavirus attacks the respiratory system, a drop in the oxygen level becomes an early indicator of the lungs being infected.

How does an oximeter help in fighting COVID-19?
The oximeter plays a crucial role in monitoring the oxygen levels and lets an individual know about the dropping levels. Not only this, it even informs a person when an individual does not feel breathless. That allows medical professionals to know soon that the health of the patient is deteriorating. It alerts the patient and the health worker so that hey can quickly handle the situation of falling oxygen levels and early institution of antiviral medication.

How do you use an oximeter?
The oximeter device has to be attached to the fingertip and then it averages out the oxygen level over a period of 6-12 seconds to give out the saturation level.