Health Benefits of Peppers cup

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2 August 2019, Fri
Published: 10:59 Updated: 03:28

Health Benefits of Peppers cup

Sometimes, we refuse to eat certain foods fearing the health hazards. Furthermore, the use of plastic cups, food boxes and plates in restaurants as well as in street food and tea stalls is a threat to the environment and the sewerage system of cities.

Despite widespread criticism for the use of unhygienic plastic cups, plates and other items in serving food, it is still dominating the Bangladeshi market.

Paper cups, an eco-friendly item for serving food, tea and coffee,

However, the use of paper cups remains very low, as there is a lack of awareness and availability of the products.

A group of innovative and tech-savvy young Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) entrepreneurs have come up with a new hope for environment lovers in this regard, with the added bonus of extensive opportunity to grow.

In line with economic growth, living standards and food habits are changing very fast.

As the corporate houses are increasing in number, fast food places and restaurants are also popping up in greater numbers,

Business in everyday live has increased manifold and a person has to perform many tasks on the move. On a busy day, packed food and take away from restaurants play an important role in keeping people fed.

According to an industry insider, Bangladesh has a demand for 120 million one-time use cups annually. The lion’s share of this demand is met by plastic cups imported from India. The market size for paper cups is at about Tk35 crore per annum, while for plastic cups it stands at about Tk240 crore.

Currently, paper cup manufacturers have to pay a 53% import duty, pushing the production cost up.

“If the government reduces the import duty on paper, the sector will be able to provide the products at a lower rate, which will ultimately help stop the use of plastic,

What is a paper cup and why is it better than plastic?
A paper cup is a disposable cup made out of paper. 
It is 100% hygienic, and far more eco-friendly than plastic cups.
In addition, 

The production of paper cups generates less greenhouse gasses than plastic ones does. 

Paper cups decompose in water within a few days.

Paper cups are being widely used in coffee shops, as well as in tea stalls but on a smaller scale. 

It is also being used for all sorts of ready to eat products and for catering weddings and social functions.

The rise in international food and coffee chains such as KFC and Gloria Jean’s as well as the attraction of quality and Eco-friendly products to consumers has resulted in massive market potential for paper cups in Bangladesh.

Export potential
There is also huge potential for the export of paper cups, as people, particularly those in developed countries, are becoming more concerned about the impact of unhygienic products.