10 ways to stop being your own worst enemy

Health Desk
26 September 2020, Sat
Published: 01:29

10 ways to stop being your own worst enemy

Frustration is a unique disease for us. Everyone knows what frustration is, but how hard it can be to get a grip and overcome it.

But sometimes, a person can be their own biggest obstacle to overcome.

Here are 10 stumbling blocks people often put in front of themselves and how to remove them from their lives and move forward.

1. Start appreciating what you have at present:
Too often, people spend time and energy trying to succeed at something big, without realising that some of the most important things in life are the small things.

2. Start appreciating the positive aspects of your life:
What people tend to see depends on what they are searching for. Those who fail to appreciate the good things in their life will have a hard time ever being happy and satisfied.

3. Stop making excuses and start making decisions:
Life is a continuous journey in creative problem-solving. A single mistake does not mean it is a total failure until one refuses to fix it.

Most long-term failures are the result of people making excuses instead of decisions.

4. Stop avoiding problems that should be solved:
Stop avoiding problems. Face issues head-on, fix the problem, communicate, appreciate, forgive and show affection to the people who deserve it.

5. Stop always needing to be right:
Go for success, but never give up the right to be wrong. Always striving to be right can reduce the capacity to learn new things and move forward.

6. Stop doing nothing:
No one gets to choose how they are going to die or when. People can only decide how they are going to live right now, and every day is a new opportunity to choose.

Decide to change the perspective and switch the mindset from negative to positive.

7. Stop procrastinating on important goals:
There are two main choices in life, whether to accept conditions as they exist or accept the responsibility for changing them.

The right time to plant a tree is two decades ago. The second-best time is to do it now.

8. Start being indecisive:
A person can never leave where they are until they are able to decide where they would choose to be.

Make a decision to figure out the desire and then strive for it passionately.

9. Stop feeling the shame of past failures:
Failing at something is inevitable and it is fine. The faster a person accepts this, the faster they can get on with being brilliant.

A person’s past does not equal their future, what is important is what they can do right now.

10. Stop letting the opinions of others dictate your life:
It’s not what other people think, it’s what the individual should think of themselves that matters most.

People must do exactly what is best for themselves and their life, not what is best for everyone else.