Delhi, Maharashtra among 10 States with 'Bird Flu'

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11 January 2021, Mon
Published: 06:19

Delhi, Maharashtra among 10 States with 'Bird Flu'

Samples of ducks from Sanjay Lake area are the only ones in Delhi that have tested positive for bird flu so far, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said today, asking people not to panic as there is no cause for concern. 

Delhi on Monday confirmed bird flu cases after eight samples sent to a Bhopal-based laboratory tested positive for avian influenza. All eight samples, four from a park in Mayur Vihar Phase 3, three from Sanjay Lake and one from Dwarka, have been found positive for avian influenza, Dr Rakesh Singh from the animal husbandry unit of the Development Department said. "Only samples of duck from Sanjay Lake have tested positive for bird flu. There is no cause for concern. Reports of other samples are awaited," Sisodia said at a press briefing. 

The Delhi government has also decided to ban sale of processed and packaged chicken brought from outside the city as a precautionary measure, he said.

Maharashtra and Delhi became the latest states to confirm the outbreak of bird flu after states such as Kerala, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana were put on high alert following the deaths of birds. 

Bird flu or avian influenza is viral infection influenza that is reported mostly in birds. This disease is caused by Influenza Type-A virus that commonly affects both wild and poultry birds. 

This virus can have several strains, most of which cause mild symptoms and affect low egg production. However, some variants can prove fatal – as is being reported currently from various states. 

The current outbreak has evidence of H5N1 and H8N1 strains of virus causing death of birds.

Eleven dead crows were spotted in Mumbai's Chembur, sparking fears of the aviation flu. 

Two samples have been sent for testing. Dead birds have previously been spotted in other parts of the Mumbai metropolitan area. 

Authorities confirmed the spread of bird flu in Parbhani where 800 hens had been reported dead. The district administration has ordered culling of about 9000 birds and banned sale of birds within 10 km radius. 

Parbhani district collector Deepak Mulgikar told News18, "There is no danger to human life. We have started checking people as well. There is no fear of transmission to humans." The village, where the dead hens were reported from, has been declared a prohibitory zone.

The flu cases have so far been confirmed in 13 districts of Madhya Pradesh, while around 1,100 crows and other wild birds have been found dead across 27 districts since the virus was first detected in the state last month. According to News18 reports.