A 5-step guide to getting comfortable with uncertainty minus the anxiety

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13 December 2019, Fri
Published: 12:18

A 5-step guide to getting comfortable with uncertainty minus the anxiety

Life is unpredictable and uncertainty it’s part and parcel. Not knowing what’s coming your way next can make you anxious, but here is a guide to ease your fears.

1. Acceptance is a good start
You can seed a plant. But, whether it grows on to become a fruit-bearing tree isn’t entirely up to you. All you can do is to put your best efforts, water it regularly, and then simply let nature run its course.

In life, the only things under your control are your actions, efforts, deeds, and the way you respond to a situation. The situation itself, unfortunately, is beyond your control. Knowing and realising this one true fact as well as accepting it can prevent paranoia and anxiety.

2. Surrender is a good follow-up
At the risk of sounding too philosophical, I want to share what my mother has always taught me: Put in your best and leave the rest up to the universe. You’ll get what’s best for you.

Surrendering here is about surrendering or giving up the apparent control over the results of our efforts. It’s not about giving up the idea of making efforts altogether.

3. Having a plan B is great too
If you think having a backup plan is about doubting the success potential of your current one, here’s the thing: there is absolutely no harm in having a plan B to fall back on. In fact, it can create more emotional stability knowing that you have a safety net.

4. Have faith in your coping mechanisms
Remember that guy you never thought you’d get over? Well, you did! Because life goes on and our coping mechanisms are stronger than we know.

Actually, the fear of not being able to deal with the consequences of failure is scarier than the consequences themselves. However, having some confidence in your ability to stand back up stronger and cope up with failure can help you a great deal.

5. Meditation and exercise
There isn’t any mental storm that meditation can’t slow down. And there isn’t a happier distraction than exercising. A dance class, a tennis game with your sister, a Zumba session at the gym—whatever it is that makes you happy and alleviates your stress can help you slide through uncertainty without getting anxious. - ht