A spoonful of 'ghee' can give you soft skin and silky hair

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23 January 2020, Thu
Published: 02:33

A spoonful of 'ghee' can give you soft skin and silky hair

Bursting with vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants, ghee when applied topically can fight wrinkles and frizzy hair amongst other things.

One of the most prized items in the kitchen is ghee. It has been used since ancient times—as a cooking medium, to light lamps for religious rituals, and to treat ailments. 

Clarified butter which contains fatty acids and good cholesterol, ghee is considered healthy and nutritious. Moreover, it is a known emollient, which means it can nourish the skin and hair when applied topically. 

Ghee is bursting with nutrients for your skin
Ghee is very rich in vitamins A and E, along with other antioxidants. These vitamins as well as the healthy fatty acids that ghee boasts of are very nourishing for the skin. Nourishment is imperative to lubricate the skin and help it hold moisture better. If you have dry skin, ghee can help relieve itching which comes with the territory.

Ghee also softens the skin. Not to mention that the powerful antioxidants it has helped to delay visible signs of aging and promotes youthfulness.

Use ghee as a moisturizer
At night, after cleansing, apply ghee on the face and massage it with upward and outward movements, for about three to four minutes. Wipe off the ghee with moist cotton wool before bedtime for soft and smooth skin.

Ghee also helps to nourish the sensitive skin of the lips. Apply a drop of ghee on your lips at night and leave it on overnight.

It makes for an excellent eye cream
You don’t need expensive under-eye creams on your dresser when you’ve got ghee in your kitchen! Apply a small drop of ghee on your under-eye skin after cleansing. Wipe it off gently, with moist cotton wool, after 15 minutes.

Add it to your face masque
Mix three teaspoons of oats with one teaspoon each of ghee, honey, and yogurt. Apply the paste on your face and wash it off after 20 minutes. The result? Soft and glowing skin that no OTC concoction can give you!

Rough hair is no match for a spoonful of ghee!
Ghee can also help revitalize dry and damaged hair—especially hair that has been subjected to repeated chemical treatments. You see, dry hair lacks moisture and needs a whole lot of nourishment.