Which is best for healthy diet?

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8 May 2019, Wed
Published: 09:33 Updated: 04:56

Which is best for healthy diet?

Sometimes rice seems to top the list and chapatis seems to take the crown. Although both are healthy options under moderation, the question is which one is healthier?

To really compare them, let’s take a look at their macronutrients.

Rice: 1/3 cup of rice is 80 calories, which contains 18gms of carbohydrates along with 1gm of protein and 0.1gm of fat.
Chapati: 1 chapati is 71 calories, which contains 15gms of carbohydrates with 3gms of protein, 0.4gms of fat and 2gms of fiber.

Chapatis: on the other hand, are richer in nutrients like Vitamin B, E, copper, magnesium, calcium, etc. Due to the iron content, it maintains the hemoglobin levels in the blood. Plus, it’s great for diabetics as it doesn’t increase blood sugar levels.The presence of extra protein and dietary fiber present in the chapati makes it a healthier choice. Chapatis make you feel full for longer and the hunger pangs subside by a lot. Although, if you are following a sodium-free diet, rice would be your best friend as chapatis are quite high in sodium.

Summery: Due to the fiber content and the extra nutrients that rice is processed out of, chapatis take the crown for being the healthier choice. A single chapati contains a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals when compared to rice.

The health benefits do not overshadow the need for portion control through. A steady amount of chapatis every day can do wonders for your health but an overdose of them can be very harmful.
(a report published in Times of India)