13 killed in Andhra Pradesh in India after drinking sanitizer

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31 July 2020, Fri
Published: 05:44

13 killed in Andhra Pradesh in India after drinking sanitizer

Andhra Pradesh in India's liquor shops are also closed due to lockdown for the last ten days. In Kurichedu in Prakasam district, some people bought a 99% sanitizer from local shops and consumed it killing 13 people. 

Police have seized sanitizers of all local shops.
The Andhra Pradesh government reopened liquor shops on May 4 following a nationwide lockdown. After this, the government increased the prices of liquor and reduced the number of shops, but the addiction of people did not decrease. 

Many people consumed sanitizer in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh due to lockdown for over 10 days.

The sanitizer takers then complained of abdominal pain and irritation, after which they were taken to the hospital. Three people died around midnight on Thursday, while 10 others died on Friday. 

The police have registered a case and started investigation. Twenty more people have confessed to drinking sanitizer. The administration has seized sanitizers from local shops and sent samples to the lab for examination. There has been a stir in the state after these deaths due to drinking sanitizer.

SP Siddharth Kaushal informed that the incident is under investigation. The SP said that three beggars were among those who died. 

Police are now trying to find out how many more such cases are coming up. SP said that now it is being informed that everyone has died only by drinking sanitizer or they have added some other chemical in it. 

He said that investigations have revealed that a large amount of sanitizer is being sold from shops and people are drinking it instead of alcohol. 

The SP said that all sanitizers have been confiscated from local shops and samples have been sent to the lab for examination.
MLA Madishitti Venugopal has appealed people not to drink sanitizer. Source: fastmailnews