Amit Shah lied, I was detained in my house: Farooq Abdullah

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7 August 2019, Wed
Published: 02:53

Amit Shah lied, I was detained in my house: Farooq Abdullah

Former Jammu-Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah, in an interview to NDTV on Tuesday, accused Union Home Minister Amit Shah of lying that he had not been detained.

“I feel sad that Home Minister of India can lie like this and say that I wasn’t detained. I was detained in my house,” he said, adding that he had to force himself out of his house.

“For seventy years we have fought the battle with the nation and today we are supposed to be the culprits? It was the guarantee given by the solid Government of India. The Article 370 and35A, guaranteeing the special status of the State, was granted by the Government of India,” said the three-time Chief Minister, who had served as a Union Minister.

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“Today, what do you think people feel, who stood by this nation as to how we have been betrayed, how the State has been made a union territory..and dividing the regions,” said an emotional Dr. Abdullah.

“Are they going to divide people's hearts also? I do think...they are going to remove Hindus one side, Muslims one side, Buddhists one side, is that what they want? is this what India is? I thought my India was, which is for all, everyone who believes in a secular nation, who believes in unity of the nation,” he observed.

Dr. Abdullah said he, along with those who stood for democracy and secularism, would fight for unity of the country and take the fight to a logical end. “We will not give in,” he said.

The government's assurance that the State had a ration stock of three months was of no use when ordinary people were unable to get to it, did not have the money to get it.

“I may die because of my health, but I want to leave a message for the people of my State and people of India: we have been with you through thick and thin, I hope you be with us through thick and thin..and pray for return of democracy in the country, return of secularism in the country,” he said.