95 thousand Kashmiris were killed In 3 decades

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7 August 2019, Wed
Published: 03:50

95 thousand Kashmiris were killed In 3 decades

Indian forces have killed 95,238 Kashmiris in Kashmir in the last 3 decades. and At this time, 7,120 people were imprisoned.

The information came up in a Kashmiri Global report. The calculation was made from 1 January 1989 .

According to the report, 11,107 women in Kashmir have been subjected to torture by Indian forces. and ‍1,09,191 residential buildings have been destroyed.

in this year, Indian forces have killed 350 people, including a PhD researcher, and an engineering student in Kashmir.

Among those killed are Hurriyat leader Prof. Muhammad Rafi Bhat, Dr. Mannan Basi's voice, said. Saber Ahmad Sophie, Dr. Abdul Ahad Ghani, MPhil researcher Adimad Faiz Mali, engineering engineer Mohammad Isha Fazali, postgraduate students Syed Washi Safi Shah, Asif Ahmed Malik, Mir Hafizullah, Tariq Ahmed Ghani.

In this year, 2,348 persons including children, youth, students, women and Hurriyat Netsa were arrested in Kashmir.