Blast at wedding in Afghan capital killed 20, injured 45

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18 August 2019, Sun
Published: 08:45 Updated: 08:56

Blast at wedding in Afghan capital killed 20, injured 45

A bomb explosion has ripped through a wedding hall in the Afghan capital Kabul, killed at least 20 people,  officials and emergency services said. this accident injures 45.

A Kabul emergency hospital said 20 wounded people had been brought in on Saturday(August 17).

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the blast, which went off in the men’s reception area of a west Kabul wedding hall.

“Unfortunately, the blast caused civilian casualties,” Interior Ministry spokesman Nasrat Rahimi said.

Witnesses said, members of the minority Shi’ite Muslim community were holding the wedding reception. Sunni Muslim militants including the Taliban and Islamic State have repeatedly attacked the Shi’ite Hazara minorities in Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan over the years.

About 20,000 foreign troops, most of them American, are in Afghanistan as part of a U.S.-led NATO mission to train, assist and advise Afghan forces. Some U.S. forces carry out counter-terrorism operations.