23 Taliban killed in Afghan clash

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11 January 2021, Mon
Published: 01:53 Updated: 02:26

23 Taliban killed in Afghan clash

At least 23 Taliban have been killed and 13 others injured in defensive attacks by government forces in two southern provinces of Afghanistan on Sunday, the military said Monday.

In Uruzgan province, 11 Taliban have been killed and eight wounded after intelligence reports found the militants were trying to attack Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) positions in Gizab district, the Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

"The ANDSF conducted a defensive attack, leaving the casualties on the side of the militants. Two motorcycles and amount of weapons and ammunition were also destroyed in the mountains region," the statement read.

In neighboring Kandahar province, 13 militants were killed and five wounded in similar incidents in Arghandab and Zharay districts, the army's 205 Attal Corps confirmed.

The statement added that a Taliban hideout along with heavy and light weapons and ammunition were destroyed during the attack.

The ANDSF has been continuing cleanup operations across Afghanistan since early last year as daily violence and clashes remain in the country.

The Taliban militant group fighting the government has not responded to the reports so far. Source: Xinhua