Jordan bans publishing information on royal rift

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6 April 2021, Tue
Published: 05:41 Updated: 07:56

Jordan bans publishing information on royal rift

The prosecutor general in Jordan’s capital Amman has banned the publication of any information about an alleged plot said to involve the king’s half-brother, Prince Hamzah, state television said.

Tuesday’s order came after Prince Hamzah, who has been highly critical of the government, pledged loyalty to King Abdullah II late on Monday, two days after he said he had been placed under house arrest.

“In order to keep the security services’ investigation into Prince Hamzah and the others secret, [it is decided] to ban the publication of anything related to this inquiry at this stage,” prosecutor Hassan al-Abdallat said in a statement read on state television.

“The ban on publication involves all audiovisual media and social networks, as well as the publication of all images or video clips relating to this subject on pain of legal action.”

The government has accused Hamzah, an ex-crown prince, of a “malicious plot” and involvement in a seditious conspiracy to “destabilize the kingdom’s security”, at least 16 others were arrested.

Earlier on Monday, Prince Hamzah had struck a defiant tone, insisting he would not obey orders restricting his movement. According to Al Jazeera reports