All US adults eligible for Covid vaccine by April 19: Biden

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7 April 2021, Wed
Published: 03:33 Updated: 03:34

All US adults eligible for Covid vaccine by April 19: Biden

United States President Joe Biden announced that all adults across America will be eligible for COVID-19 shots within two weeks, while economic powerhouse California set a June 15 target to fully reopen businesses. The announcement was published on Tuesday.

The positive news from the United States — which has reported the most coronavirus deaths of any country but is now a leader in the vaccine rollout.
Biden announced in a White House speech that he is moving up the deadline for all over 18 to be eligible for vaccines to April 19. The previous target had been May 1.

“We’re the first country to administer 150 million shots and the first country to fully vaccinate over 62 million people, Biden said.”

Biden’s April 19 deadline means ending restrictions by age, health issues or other categories for people wanting to get vaccinated.

California will fully reopen by June 15 if the current rate of vaccinations continues, lifting all Covid-related restrictions on businesses and gatherings, Governor Gavin Newsom said.

America's most populous state has now administered 20 million vaccine doses, and will end its tier-based reopening blueprint if there are no spikes or vaccine shortages. Source: AFP