18 years of 9/11, worst terrorist attack in history today

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11 September 2019, Wed
Published: 11:18

18 years of 9/11, worst terrorist attack in history today

Eighteen years ago, terrorists hijacked four planes and used them to attack the United States. Almost 3,000 people were murdered. It was the deadliest terrorist attack in U.S. history.

In 2001, September 11, Four passenger planes had taken off from different airports in the US with three pre-decided targets. Two planes hit the New York buildings.

The third one hit Pentagon- the headquarters of the US Department of Defence and caused little damage to the building. The fourth had a bigger target — the Capitol Hill, the seat of US government in Washington DC.

The passengers of the United Airlines flight showed a remarkable sense of courage and willingness to sacrifice their lives to protect the US. They challenged the terrorists and thwarted their attempt to take the flight to Washington DC. It crashed into an open field in neighboring Pennsylvania.

From that day (September 9, 2001), terror seemed to have become the master of the world. There was panic in every country. This was the first time that the US had been attacked by an outside force since 1941 when Japan targeted Pearl Harbour in the Hawaii Islands and the first-ever on the mainland America since the Revolutionary War of 18th century.