Argentina court approves hijab!

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19 September 2019, Thu
Published: 09:48

Argentina court approves hijab!

Argentina government has passed historic legislation that allows Muslim women to wear hijab in public places. They can use photographs wearing headscarves for their national ID cards.

The new law seeks to promote freedom of religion and expression in this country. That will help the Muslim community to integrate into the Argentinean society.
Muslim community in Argentina has welcomed the news, especially seeing that in other places like France, governments are taking drastic measures to ban the Islamic headscarf in public places and schools.

The country government says it will enforce the law to the best of its ability and in collaboration with police forces, the judiciary, and the business community.

Although Muslims are a minority here in Argentina, the government is making it a priority to make sure they're free to express their religion without discrimination.

The statistics of the Guardian in 2009, there were 7 lakh 84 thousand people are Muslims. On the other hand, ‘The Pew Research Center’ published a report in 2010 that Argentina's Muslim population as nearly 1 million.
There is almost 4.5 corer population and 2 percent of the Muslim population. Roman Catholics are the majority group in Argentina around 92 percent. And the several religion in Argentina are-Protestants 2 percent, Jews 2 percent and the others have 4 percent of the population.