Palestinians warn Israel

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24 January 2020, Fri
Published: 08:20 Updated: 09:27

Palestinians warn Israel

The Palestinian Authority warned Israel and the US "from crossing red lines," vowing not to recognize any Middle East peace plan it had previously rejected, as US President Donald Trump prepares to present the plan in the coming days.

He will likely release the long-awaited plan before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits Washington, DC next week, said Trump.

"Probably we'll release it a little bit prior to that," the US leader told reporters traveling with him to Florida on board Air Force One, referring to the White House meeting on Tuesday.

"It's a great plan. It's a plan that really would work," he added.

The economic part of the plan was shared in June and calls for $50bn in international investment in the Palestinian territories and neighboring Arab countries over 10 years. The Palestinians rejected Trump's peace efforts after he recognized disputed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved the US Embassy there in May 2018.

Nabil Abu Rudeinah, the spokesperson of the Palestinian Presidency, said in a statement that the Palestinian leadership will reject any steps by the US that would breach international law, the official Palestinian WAFA news agency reported.

Abu Rudeinah told: "If this deal is announced with these rejected formulas, the leadership will announce a series of measures in which we safeguard our legitimate rights, and we will demand Israel assume its full responsibilities as an occupying power."

He appeared to be referring to oft-repeated threats to dissolve the Palestinian Authority, which has limited autonomy in parts of the Israeli-occupied West Bank. That would force Israel to resume responsibility for providing basic services to millions of Palestinians.

"We warn Israel and the US administration from crossing the red lines," Abu Rudeinah said.