Global death toll for coronavirus exceeds 2,000

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19 February 2020, Wed
Published: 07:45 Updated: 10:02

Global death toll for coronavirus exceeds 2,000

The number of deaths from the coronavirus outbreak in mainland China rose by 136, pushing the nationwide death toll to 2,004 as of the end Tuesday, the country's National Health Commission reported on Wednesday.

China’s National Health Commission (NHC) reported Tuesday that 136 more people died of coronavirus in mainland China, 132 of which occurred in the Hubei province.

The latest figures bring the total number of deaths in mainland China to 2,004, and the global death toll to 2,009. There have been five deaths reported outside of mainland China with one death in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines and France.

The global number of confirmed coronavirus cases now stands at 75,117, with the majority of cases in mainland China.

China’s National Health Commission is expected to release numbers for all of China’s provinces later. Source: CNN