59 Church members die after pastor gives them Dettol to prevent 'Coronavirus'

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26 March 2020, Thu
Published: 08:59

59 Church members die after pastor gives them Dettol to prevent 'Coronavirus'

When everyone else is gripped by the coronavirus scare, someone is putting other people’s lives at stake in the name of religion. 

Resolving to spiritual intervention to fight the deadly virus isn’t a bad idea. However, some religious beliefs are just misleading, and in your right mind, you shouldn’t fall prey.

A South African prophet, Rufus Phala, allegedly asked his congregants to drink Dettol as a preventive medicine to the novel Covid-19 disease. 

Dettol is used as household bleach, and it’s never fit for consumption. But since Rufus had promised his church members that it won’t harm them, they went ahead to take sips of the detergent.

As we speak, at least fifty-nine of them have been confirmed dead, while four others are in critical condition after drinking the Dettol. The police are currently investigating the incident.

According to police officers, the prophet convinced his followers that the household bleach would protect them from contracting the novel coronavirus and any other diseases. Those with existing conditions were promised to be healed by the disinfectant.